That Time I Learned a Hard Lesson about End Tables

Justin 2.5 years eyebrow couch
October 1979

Apparently the coffee table incident wasn’t enough to convince me to be cautious around pointy wooden tables. This time my nemesis was the end table. I don’t have a dramatic story for this one, but I do have a few more photos. Also, I really dug those Bert and Ernie pajamas.  Continue reading “That Time I Learned a Hard Lesson about End Tables”


Traversing the Promised Land

September 1979

In this blurry photo my mom (23) and I (2) are checking out our future homeland that we got from Grandpa Smith. On the left is the trailer we would call home. To the right of the trailer and down the hill you can see my parent’s truck. To the right of my mom and I is the dirt lane that would become our driveway. Hidden in the forest across the cornfield is the house where Uncle Mark, Aunt Elsie and my cousin’s Danny, Sheila, and Shelly lived. To the left of the photo—and across the cornfield but not quite in the forest—is where Grandpa and Grandma Smith would build their new home (I don’t remember the exact year their house was built, but it was around this time). Continue reading “Traversing the Promised Land”

Christmas 1978

12-1978 Justin (1) Christmas Tree

Midway through the glorious year of 1978 my dad got a job working at a local factory. It’s the job my dad would have for the next 19 years as I was growing up. Being the sole income earner for most of my childhood, he did a lot of financial planning. As I got older, I was kept in the loop on our finances, which helped me understand how we were able to afford gifts and vacations, but why it was also important to use the “buy one, get one free” coupon at the local pizza joint.

Continue reading “Christmas 1978”

A Brief History of April-November 1978

DISCLAIMER: Due to technical difficulties, this post was thrown together at the last-minute and did not receive the polishing it deserves. It contains 22 photos and some words by me. 

If the family photos are to be believed (and why wouldn’t they be?), my 1st birthday was the biggest event to transpire between my rooftop adventure and Christmas of 1978. So, here’s some (probably a lot more than necessary) photos of my life from April 1978 to November 1978.

04-02-1978 Justin (1) Birthday (1)
April 2, 1978

Happy Birthday to me! Here I am, turning one year old and enjoying what I assume was, at one point, a delicious birthday cake. Continue reading “A Brief History of April-November 1978”

That Time I Learned a Hard Lesson about Coffee Tables

Justin 10 months Head Bandage

In February of 1978 the snow was knee-deep and my dad was at work with our sole source of transportation. We had just moved into a house that my parents and I still refer to as “Mitchell’s” because, you guessed it, the Mitchell’s owned it. There’s a house across the road and a couple of houses that come into sight after harvest, but that’s about it—the nearest town of any size is about 30 minutes away. Continue reading “That Time I Learned a Hard Lesson about Coffee Tables”

Let’s Meet (some of) the Family

Like most people, I was born into a family that included more than just my parents. Some of those family members where photographed while holding me when I was less than a year old. So, now, almost 40 years later, those lucky individuals get to have their pictures posted on this blog.

Justin 2 weeks Playpin^

So, here I am, two weeks and six days old, napping on a blanket my Great-Grandma Smith made for me. I’m surrounded by a collection of toys that were gifted to me. I can’t recall who made the turtle (help me out here faithful family members!). But I do know that my parents had everyone sign the bottom of it when they came to see me. My mom’s Uncle Sam Lowe made sure the “O” in Lowe was right where the turtles missing butthole would be. I think Sam and I share a sense of humor. Continue reading “Let’s Meet (some of) the Family”