Collage #2: Dabbling in Minimalism

I got such a huge response from my first collage post (literally no one said a single word about it), that I decided to continue on with what I’m sure will be my legacy.

Collage 02 2002 Front (800x634)
Assembled by me, sometime in 2002.

My second foray into collages was barely collaging at all. My minimalism got the best of me.

Collage 02 Top Left (800x800)

Look, it’s Mulholland Drive, Underworld, and some random stuff.

Collage 02 Detail Music Free (800x800)

A few words from Cassetteboy.

Collage 02 Bottom Left (800x773)

Underwater is the record label Darren Emerson started around the time he left Underworld. So, we sort of have a theme of music and ladies.

Collage 02 Top Right (792x800)

Richie Hawtin looks right at home being on a forehead in a minimal collage.

Collage 02 Detail Future Shock (800x800)

More words from Cassetteboy.

Collage 02 Bottom Right (800x800)

Milk. It does a body… well, you know.

Collage 02 Detail Animal Mask (800x800)

So, what’s the takeaway from this collage? I’d say it’s obvious: never trust a guy in a mule mask and never trust a head poking out of someone’s butt. You’re welcome.


2 Replies to “Collage #2: Dabbling in Minimalism”

  1. hello justin its dennis the vizsla dog hay wen my dada saw that yore wun kolladj there had underwurld in it he started inspekting it a littel kloser and saying sumthing abowt sumbuddy naymd kayt beck-and-sale hooever that is and sumthing abowt lether i think he wuz a littel disapoynted wen he finaly hoverd over the link and saw it wuz underwurld the band and not underwurld the moovee!!! ha ha ha sorry dada!!! ok bye

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