How a Hobo in the Country Made it Big in the City on Halloween

Justin wants candy. He dreams of chocolate bars, strawberry taffy, and those weird peanut butter candies that only show up around Halloween in unmarked wrappers (a bit suspect if you ask me), but Justin has a problem…

1981-10 Halloween Justin (4) Sitting
Me, Halloween 1981

He’s at home, sitting on the couch.

He’s painted and dressed as a hobo. He has a plastic pumpkin pail for holding all of the candy he’s been dreaming of—those pumpkin pails never go out of style. However, there he sits on the couch, a candy-less hobo.

Hobo Justin has an idea, a wonderful, candy filled idea.

What if he gets up off of the couch? What if he asks his parents to take him to Grandma Gleason’s house in the city? There’s candy in the city, and, more importantly, there’s always candy at Grandma’s house.

It’s a crazy idea, but it’s so crazy that it just might work.

Hobo Justin is nervous. What if his parents say, “No.” What if the car won’t start? What if Grandma isn’t home? What if there’s no candy in the city? What if? What if?

What if he takes a chance and gets up off of the couch?

1981-10 Halloween Justin (4) Standing

He went for it. He got up off of the couch. And you know what? His parents had already started the car. Much to his delight, Grandma was home and the city was filled with candy.

Maybe no one will take you to Grandma’s house. Maybe the car won’t start. Maybe Grandma won’t be home. And maybe the city will be out of candy. But, you’ll never know until you take a chance and get up off of the couch.*


*Hobo paint and pumpkin pail are optional.


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