How to Have a Great Pond in Seven Easy Steps

Have you ever wanted a pond, but just didn’t know how to make it happen? I know I have. Well, I’m here to show you how to have a great pond in seven easy steps.

Step 1: Dig a five to 10 foot deep crater in the ground—I suggest you own the land or have very understanding neighbors before doing this.

Summer 1980: Dad (22) and Me (3)

Step 2: Stick four long poles and two even longer ones into the ground.

Summer 1980: Dad (22) and Me (3)

Step 3: Assist Mother Nature by running a very long garden hose to your freshly dug pond—recommended only for well water users.

Step 4: At this rate, it will be winter before your pond is ready, so, invite your family over to test the durability of your pond’s new icy layer.

December 1980 L to R: Grandpa Gleason (46), Uncle Steve (15), Grandma Gleason (44) [on sled], Dad (23), Me (3)
Step 5: If no one fell through the ice, invite them back in the summer to try out the pond for real this time. (Oh, yeah, I forget the step where you add a deck, swings, and a walkway to get out onto the deck from dry land. So, yeah, you should probably go back and do that stuff.) Fun Facts: Our dog, Snowball, wasn’t much of a swimmer. Also, you can see the back of Grandpa Smith’s house.

1981-07 Pond Howard (23) Don (47) Justin (4) Rhonda (25) Steve (15) Snowball Dog
July 1981 L to R: Dad (23), Grandpa Gleason (47), Me (4), Mom (25), Uncle Steve (15), Snowball

Step 6: Add fish.

Step 7: Catch your first fish. (Be aware that some children will complain that their first fish is too big and heavy and they don’t want to fish any more. These children will most likely grow up to be writers and not fishermen.)

1982-05 Justin (5) Howard (24) Pond Fish
May 1982: Dad (24) and Me (5)


Your big problems are manageable when they are turned into multiple smaller problems. So, start digging that crater today and within two years you could be complaining about catching your own big fish.


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