5 Reasons Why Waterbeds Made the 1980s Great

1981-05 Waterbed Justin Rhonda
Mom (25) and Me (4), May 1981
  1. They were warm when you laid down on them.
  2. You could close your eyes, do a trust fall, and feel like you were floating on the ocean for about 10 seconds.
  3. You could jump on them when your parents weren’t looking.
  4. The 24–48 hours of anticipation as you waited for the waterbed to heat.
  5. Watching your parents freak out when the mattress sprung a leak.

What’s a simple thing from your childhood that brought you joy? What’s a simple thing that currently brings you joy? Can you think of more simple things that bring you joy? The next step is to spend more time doing those things.


Did I Ever Tell You about the Time I Almost Died in a Fire?

Me (4) with the freezers of death in the spring of 1981.

My parents purchased the freezers pictured above for a total of $30—I’m told they looked pretty sweet after a cleaning and a fresh coat of paint. They were eventually moved to the makeshift shed attached to the side of our trailer. The night of the fire, the upright freezer (I’m standing next to it in the photo) was defrosting. My dad had placed a shovel under the cord to create a hump which prevented water from running down the cord and into the outlet. It was one of those “it seemed like a good idea at the time” moments that we’ve all had in our lives. Continue reading “Did I Ever Tell You about the Time I Almost Died in a Fire?”