Ice on the Pond (December 1980)

Me (3) December 1980

In December of 1980, our pond froze over. So, we did what all good people do when a pond freezes. We grabbed a sled and tempted death by goofing around on it.

L to R: Me, Dad (23), Uncle Steve (15)

I don’t have a compelling story to go with these photos. My hope is that you just really dig old blurry photos of a family walking, sliding, and sledding on ice.

L to R: Me, Uncle Steve

There’s always time for a photo-op with my uncle.

L to R: Dad, me, Mom (24)

I like this photo. I like the reflection, the composition, and the fact that I look like that one kid from A Christmas Story.

L to R: Uncle Steve, me, Grandma Gleason (44)

Safety first! Grandma Gleason is seen here pushing Uncle Steve and me down a snowy hill and onto a sheet of ice. It was good times.

L to R: Me, Grandma Gleason, Grandpa Gleason (46)

Safety last! Taking a solo ride headfirst toward the ice.

L to R: Dad, Grandpa Gleason

The poor man’s snow blower.

L to R: Me, Grandpa Gleason

It was nice of Grandpa Gleason to pull me across the pond.

L to R: Me, Grandpa Gleason

However, pushing me across the pond didn’t work out so well.

L to R: Uncle Steve, Grandpa Gleason, me, Dad

As if that wasn’t enough, Grandpa Gleason tried pulling my dad and I at the same time.

L to R: Dad, me

Who needs a sled when you have arms to swing by.

L to R: Grandpa Gleason, Uncle Steve, Grandma Gleason, Dad, me

Grandma Gleason got on the sled for the family photo.

L to R: Me, Mr. Snowman (0)

Bonus Photos! Let’s build a snowman!

L to R: Dad, me, Mr./Mrs. Snowman

I think it’s safe to assume that my dad did most of the work on Mr. Snowman (or should that be Mrs. Snowman).


2 Replies to “Ice on the Pond (December 1980)”

  1. hello justin its dennis the vizsla dog hay that luks like a lot of winter fun in those pikchers!!! my dada sez winter is all kinds of fun wen yoo ar a kid but wen yoo ar a grownup not so mutch i do not no hoo told him that sum grumpy grownup i bet!!! hay dada also sez their yoozed to be a pond in the woods ware he wood go skayt but then the lumber kompany filled it in and bilt a warehowse on it a warehowse duz not sownd like as mutch fun as a pond if yoo ask me!!! ok bye

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