Sleeping Inside of a Football Shaped Toy Box and Other Things That Happened in the Summer of 1980

This was my “chicken house”. It was created as a football shaped toy box, however, not satisfied with using things for their intended purposes (and not a fan of sports), I (3) turned it into my own special place of rest and relaxation. I feel like this explains a lot about me as a child, and an adult. I think we were fully moved into our new home at this point, however, it’s difficult to tell, because it appears that the Mitchell’s house and our trailer both had the same carpet. Weird.

The kid at the top of the slide is Craig (3). His mom knew my mom because their parents had been friends for years.

Craig just so happened to have his bathing suit with him that day, and his bathing suit just so happened to match mine.

Whenever I wasn’t hosting impromptu pool visits or napping in my chicken house, I could be found playing in my sandbox.

It wasn’t all fun, and games, and making friends on the new homestead, we also had to do our best to tame the wild Indiana countryside. Don’t worry, my parents didn’t actually let me near this beast when it was in operation.


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