Digging for Water and Building a Well House


There were four attempts made to find water on our new property in the summer of 1980. It should be noted that each attempt was a separate fee. This was the first attempt. If you look closely, you can see my dad (22) and I (3) standing near the rear of the truck. This style of well digging truck doesn’t really dig as much as it pounds the dill into the ground.


The next step was building the well house. I’m told that Uncle Mark helped prepare the cement, and possibly helped pour the cement floor (which contains and old piece of fence). My dad built the concrete block walls while I supervised. I think it looks pretty good for his first masonry job.


Behold, the miracle of well water! Building the well house into the side of the hill protected the system from extreme weather and temperatures as well as allowing for a runoff to the creek below.


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