Ponds, Pools, and Tornadoes in the Summer of 1980


Remember all that bulldozing from the previous post? Well, here’s what it looked like after the dozing, but before the rain. Those posts my dad (22) and I (3) are leaning on would eventually support a deck that was great for fishing.


Speaking of fishing, here’s Uncle Steve (14) with some fish he caught; I don’t think they came from our pond. By the way, I’m digging that Aerosmith t-shirt.


In keeping with the water theme, here I am in my own pool at the Mitchell’s house. My Noah’s ark bath toys are nearby, and there’s a 1970s-looking set up for one of my parents to get some sun.


This slide and pool combo was one the best things about the summer of 1980.


Like all kids, I like to splash.


This is my, “Hello, ladies.” pose.


Speaking of ladies, here I am hanging out with my friends, Melissa (5) and Lynette (3), who lived across the road from the Mitchell’s house. I’ve not seen either of them in over 35 years. So, your guess is as good as mine as to what they’re up to now.


This is a great place for a picture of me riding my Tonka cement mixer.


Around noon on June 2, 1980 an F3 tornado hit north of where we lived. It resulted in 1 death, 16 people injured, and $2.5 million in property damage. Here are a few photos my parents took documenting the aftermath.






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