Other Stuff that Happened in April of 1980


I can only imagine how epic this saxophone solo must have been.


Saxophone solo aside, I got a sweet chocolate rabbit for Easter (April 6) that year.


“I mean, I we only had a wheelbarrow, that would be something.”


Showing off my egg basket.


Here’s a washed out photo of my mom (24) and I (3) at Grandpa and Grandma Gleason’s. I still remember that clock.


My cousin, Gary (9 months), and me (3) chillin’ at Uncle Mark and Aunt Elsie’s house. Notice the Snoopy jack-in-the-box.


Gary (9 months) and his mom, Tammy, at Uncle Mark and Aunt Elsie’s house. I think Tammy is 20 or 21 here (the exact date is not listed on the picture). In my youth, I spent a lot of time playing in this basement (many epic He-Man battles took place here), there was a huge toy box and a sliding glass door that made for easy access to the outside world. My cousin Danny’s room was through the darkened doorway in the background. If you’ve spent some time looking at this photo, you’ll notice a small child on the right, and if you look even closer, you’ll see what appears to be a foot on the left. I’m not sure who the kid is (if this is you, please let me know)* and I have no idea who that foot belongs to (if this is your foot, let me know, also, I’ll be very impressed if you can identify yourself from a blurry foot photographed over 36 years ago).

*After much discussion with the family, we call now all agree that we think the kid on the right is my cousin Carrie, but no one knows for sure, not even my cousin Carrie. No word yet on the foot.


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