Cruising into the 1980s

February 1980

Despite how it looks in this picture (I’m noticing a theme here) I (2) really did enjoy riding on Grandpa Smith’s snowmobile with my dad (22).

February 1980

More snowmobiling with my dad!

February 1980

Even more snowmobiling with my dad, but further away this time.

February 1980

It may be difficult to tell, but the back of this photo assures me that’s my mom (23).

March 1980

A month later, back in the house, I’m talking with Grandma Gleason. Either she’s giving me some bad news or I don’t like having my photo taken while I’m on the phone.

March 1980

Time to brush my teeth…

March 1980

…and my hair. That’s the face of a kid who does not like to brush his hair. I still don’t like to brush my hair. I much prefer the mad scientist look to anything a civilized person would have on their head.

March 1980

I’ll leave you with this image of my father’s homemade tripod.



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