Other Stuff that Happened in April of 1980


I can only imagine how epic this saxophone solo must have been. Continue reading “Other Stuff that Happened in April of 1980”


A Tale of Two Christmases (1979)

December 1979

Despite how it looks in this photograph, I (2) really did love Great-Grandma Nellie Smith (75). She was all the things that you imagine a great-grandmother should be. She made the best frosted sugar cookies, and on her TV was a lava lamp that my cousins and I spent hours watching during our holiday visits. She lived three hours away in the next state, but the drive was totally worth it. Sadly, Great-Grandpa Rude Smith passed away in 1975, two years before my birth; I’m told he was a much-loved figure in the community. Continue reading “A Tale of Two Christmases (1979)”