The Chevy LUV

November 1979

Based on our research, the Smith family purchased this first generation Chevy LUV truck sometime in the fall of 1979. As with any historical work, discrepancies are bound to show their ugly head from time to time. During the preparation of the post you now see on your screen, such discrepancies came to light. Several of the documents presented are inscribed with a date of May 1979. This date is further confirmed with the inscription of “2 & 1 mon” appearing on the front of two documents. This lead us to believe the documents were created one month after Justin’s birthday since he appears in both of them. However, other documents assured us they were created during a chilly November of the same year. Also, one document is inscribed with “2 & 8 mon”, which would put the date at December. At this point, we knew we had a daunting task before us, however, our team of historians were willing (and perhaps even eager—I know John was) to do whatever it took to solve this conundrum. Each photo was painstakingly analyzed. Leaves were counted, grass color was compared to other documents from the same time period, and snow vs. puddle levels were run through a complex number of tests on a number of computers in our facility. Pencils were broken, fingers were sore, and many hours of much-needed sleep were lost. Some of the team even took photos home to analyze in their spare time (I heard that John kept the photo of the Chevy LUV interior framed on his nightstand for three weeks—no word yet as to the long-term effects this had on his marriage). While we may never know the exact date the silver halide crystals were activated to create these historical documents, we do have a hunch. It is the collective hunch of this team that all but the last two documents in this post were created over the course of a chilly November in 1979. We believe that the last two documents were made the following month (December). Presented here for the first time ever, we hope you enjoy these historical documents of the Chevy LUV as much as we have.

November 1979

Here it is from the back.

November 1979

Justin (2) is pictured here standing in the bed of the truck.

November 1979

Here it is from the side, with the Mitchell’s house in the background. We are told this is where the Smith family resided during this period.

November 1979

Here’s the interior (man, John really loved this photo).

November 1979

Here’s the real jewel in the crown of this historical document. Justin is seen here sitting on Howard’s (22) lap, learning how to drive the Chevy LUV truck. Based on other documents from this period, we have concluded that Howard is Justin’s father.

November 1979

Howard can be seen here working on a camper shell that the family added to the Chevy LUV.

November 1979

There is much speculation as to what Howard was doing to the camper shell. Our hope is that new documents will surface and shed some light on this topic.

November 1979

Here we see Justin in a snow suit, probably doing a trial run for the coming winter.

December 1979

Best guess here is that Howard and Justin were partaking in what we now know as “a snowball fight.” Despite the harshness of the term, we have found that snowball fights were typically less fighting and more playing.

December 1979

While we may never know for sure who or what Justin is running to, I think we can agree that he seems happy to head in that direction. I like to think he was running to get some hot cocoa with marshmallows that was no doubt waiting for him on the kitchen table inside the Mitchell’s house.


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