Look! I’m a Tiger! or: Halloween 1979

October 31, 1979

Look at that cute little tiger right there. He looks like he’s ready to get some candy, candy, candy, candy, candy. These photos were taken at Grandma and Grandpa Gleason’s place of residence. They lived in town, whereas we lived among the cornfields, which meant their neighborhood had more candy to offer a hungry young tiger cub like myself. I’m told that my dad made my tiger costume and that I got a lot of compliments from the strangers handing out treats.

October 31, 1979

My sadistic side was showing; I got great enjoyment out of smacking people with my tiger tail.

October 31, 1979

Here I am with my trick ‘r treat bag (courtesy of Burger Chef) full of candy, candy, candy, candy, candy. Anybody out there remember Burger Chef? I sure could go for a bag of burgers, or candy, right now.


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