That Time I Learned a Hard Lesson about End Tables

Justin 2.5 years eyebrow couch
October 1979

Apparently the coffee table incident wasn’t enough to convince me to be cautious around pointy wooden tables. This time my nemesis was the end table. I don’t have a dramatic story for this one, but I do have a few more photos. Also, I really dug those Bert and Ernie pajamas. 

Justin 2.5 years eyebrow train
October 1979

See, it’s okay, I got a toy train out of the deal. On a side note, I think that teddy bear was a gift from my Uncle Vince.

Justin 2.5 years eyebrow horse
October 1979

It takes more than a flesh wound to keep me from having a good time on my horse.

Justin 3 years Easter Egg End Table
April 1980

I never learn. Here I am, a few months later, hunting for Easter eggs around that malicious end table. While we’re here, I might as well point out that my Uncle Dale got me that Coast to Coast semi when he worked for the company.


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