Traversing the Promised Land

September 1979

In this blurry photo my mom (23) and I (2) are checking out our future homeland that we got from Grandpa Smith. On the left is the trailer we would call home. To the right of the trailer and down the hill you can see my parent’s truck. To the right of my mom and I is the dirt lane that would become our driveway. Hidden in the forest across the cornfield is the house where Uncle Mark, Aunt Elsie and my cousin’s Danny, Sheila, and Shelly lived. To the left of the photo—and across the cornfield but not quite in the forest—is where Grandpa and Grandma Smith would build their new home (I don’t remember the exact year their house was built, but it was around this time).

September 1979

Blurry view from the bottom of the hill as I watch my mom carry firewood. You can see the trailer from the previous photo in the background.

September 1979

Pretending to be awesome and cutting firewood with my dad (22). The white trailer barely visible in the background was gutted and used as a storage shed.

September 1979

Still pretending to be awesome and cutting firewood, but this time with my mom.

September 1979

That first generation Chevy LUV truck looks like it could use some firewood. I have fond memories of that truck. My mom is barely visible behind it and I’m a little more visible off to the side.

September 1979

Now, that’s more like it. I guess we didn’t quite grasp that the LUV in Chevy LUV stood for Light Utility Vehicle. Anyway, notice the innovative firewood bridge. You may also notice my wardrobe continuity error between the previous photo and this one. At least it was still the same month.


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