A 1979 Go-Kart Climbing Family Suit Post

August 1979

I didn’t like this suit—I’m guessing that not too many two-year-olds like suits—and I only wore it a couple of times. I think it was one of the many hand-me-downs I got from my cousin Danny.

September 1979

Here I (2) am hanging out with my cousin Gary (5 months).

September 1979

Here’s my cousin Gary (5 months) with his parents, Bryan (22) and Tammy (20). Bryan is one of my dad’s older brothers. They were visiting from the Philippines where Bryan was stationed in the military. I’m told this photo was taken at my Grandpa Smith’s trailer. I don’t remember this trailer, but I do remember Grandpa had a new house built around this time.

September 1979

My dad used to take me for rides on this thing. I remember loving it and being terrified at the same time.

September 1979

My mom (23) and I (2) standing outside at the Mitchell’s house. Notice that I have my hand in my pocket like a true introvert.

September 1979

Here I am climbing up the inside of Grandpa Smith’s corn crib. I’m told I was climbing up after my dad. I’m also told that my mom was not thrilled with this situation. I always looked forward to visiting the old corn crib. You had to drive down a bumpy lane that went through the middle of a field to get there and there was a small family graveyard nearby. My favorite thing about the old corn crib was what was inside it—Grandpa’s bulldozer.


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