January 1979 and Two Photos from April

January 16, 1979

Let’s start off 1979 with this charming photo of me (1) with Grandma Gleason (42) and Grandpa Gleason (44) on their 25th wedding anniversary.

January 1979

My mom (22) and I are in the front yard of the Mitchell’s house. I think my parents still have that John Deere hat my mom is wearing. You can see the neighbor’s property across the road, which is where my mom took me when I busted my forehead a few months earlier.

January 1979

Another photo of me before I realized how much I dislike chores. Notice my Christmas gifts in the background from the previous post.

January 1979

All I can think when I see this picture is, “Draw me like one of your French girls.”

January 1979

Clearly, I was determined to work with my dad someday.

April 2, 1979

I’m sure you’re not surprised to learn that I had a birthday in 1979.

April 2, 1979

Enjoying the best part of turning two—cake and ice cream. I still remember that plate. We had a few of them around as backups when I was a teenager. They just don’t make plastic plates like they used to.


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