A Brief History of April-November 1978

DISCLAIMER: Due to technical difficulties, this post was thrown together at the last-minute and did not receive the polishing it deserves. It contains 22 photos and some words by me. 

If the family photos are to be believed (and why wouldn’t they be?), my 1st birthday was the biggest event to transpire between my rooftop adventure and Christmas of 1978. So, here’s some (probably a lot more than necessary) photos of my life from April 1978 to November 1978.

04-02-1978 Justin (1) Birthday (1)
April 2, 1978

Happy Birthday to me! Here I am, turning one year old and enjoying what I assume was, at one point, a delicious birthday cake.

04-1978 Justin (1) Howard (20) Rhonda (21)
April (or March) 1978

I’m not sure that my dad (21) owned any clothes in the 70s beyond those dark blue work uniforms. I’m sure he wore other clothes, but the photographic evidence does little to support this theory. I wonder if he still has that co-op hat? I’m told this picture was taken on Easter. This presents a paradox, because the photo clearly states that I am one year old, however, my birthday is in April and Easter took place on March 26th in 1978. So, basically, forget all that crap and just enjoy this picture of me with my mom (22) and dad.

04-10-1978 Justin (1) Steve (12) Tractor (1)
April 10, 1978

Time to introduce two more family members. That’s right, two. My Uncle Steve (12) and that tractor. Uncle Steve is my mom’s youngest brother. My Grandpa Smith has two of these Case tractors. I know they are both much older than I am. I think they are also both much older than my dad. Anyway, a lot of time on the Smith Farm has been spent on or around these tractors.

04-10-1978 Justin (1) Steve (12) Tractor (2)
April 10, 1978

In case you wanted to see a picture of my Uncle Steve and I on the tractor.

06-22-1978 Justin (1) Overalls Hat
June 22, 1978

Mark your calendars, because June 22, 1978 was probably the closest I ever came to being a legit farmer.

07-1978 Justin (1) Balls
July 1978

Photographic evidence of my creative thinking. Need to transport three balls, but only have two hands? No problem!

08-1978 Justin (1) First Hair Cut
August 1978

I’m told I was given this cookie so I would behave during my first hair cut. I still behave better when I have a cookie in my hand.

10-10-1978 Justin (1) Danny (3) Chair
October 10, 1978

The joker on the left is my cousin Danny (3). He and I hung out a lot when we were young and lived within sight of each other near the Smith Farm. For those keeping track at home, Danny is my Aunt Elsie’s son. Elsie is my dad’s older sister. No, we have not seen a picture of Aunt Elsie yet. Yes, I’m sure she’ll show up before too long.

10-1978 Justin (1) Howard (21) Curtain
October 10, 1978

Here’s my dad (21) and I in front of a curtain doing almost exactly the same thing.

10-1978 Justin (1) Rhonda (22) Curtain
October 10, 1978

Here’s my mom (22) and I in front of a curtain, not doing almost exactly the same thing.

10-05-1978 Justin (1) Chair TV Game
October 1978

If you look closely, you’ll see a Telstar Ranger video game console on the TV. This console may have been my introduction to the world of video games.

10-1978 Justin (1) Truck Firewood
October 1978

This was before I realized how much chores suck.

10-1978 Justin (1) Pat (43) Chair
October 1978

You may remember my Grandma Gleason (42) from a previous post. I don’t think either of us were quite ready for this photo-op. I still vividly remember that horse head ashtray they used to have.

10-1978 Justin (1) Steve (12) Teddy Bear
October 1978

Another shot of me hanging out with Uncle Steve (12). I guess this is a good time to give him a proper introduction. Steve is the fun extroverted uncle that every kid should have. He’s the guy who plays drums and takes you to the arcade. I still remember playing Narc with him at the local arcade, many years ago when we had an indoor mall.

10-1978 Justin (1) Rocking Chair
October 1978

This rocking chair was a part of the family until a couple of years ago when it just wasn’t safe to sit on anymore. My mom got that rocking chair before I was born, so, I’ve spent a lot of time in it.

10-1978 Justin (1) Camera
October 1978

The first documented case of me with a camera.

10-05-1978 Justin (1) Howard (21)
October 1978

This remains one of my favorite picture of my dad (21) and I.

11-1978 Justin (1) Mandee (1) TV
November 1978

My cousin Mandee (1) and I. Not sure why I have my finger in my mouth, perhaps I was teething or just being my usual self. Mandee is one of my inherited cousins, I have several of these. Let me explain, Mandee’s Grandma Eva married my Grandpa Smith when we were all very young. Both families had grown up together and were already friends, so the transition from friends to family was an easy one (or at least that’s the way it seems to me). We still celebrated the holidays separately (the families are too big to fit into one house at the same time, even back then). I would typically see my inherited aunts, uncles, and cousins when I visited the Smith Farm throughout the year.

11-1978 Justin (1) Mandee (1) Curtain
November 1978

Mandee and I sitting in front of the curtain that appears in so many photos.

11-1978 Justin (1) Overalls Gleason House
November 1978

This picture reminded me of Dim from A Clockwork Orange. I’m not entirely sure how I feel about that.

11-1978 Justin (1) Don Chair
November 1978

I think Grandpa Gleason (44) and I were more prepared for this photo-op than Grandma and I were for ours.

11-1978 Justin (1) Steve (13) Dog Leash
November 1978

Here’s Uncle Steve (13) introducing me to the world of BDSM with a dog leash. I guess I’ve always been more of a sub than a dom. I told you Uncle Steve was a good time.


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