A 1979 Go-Kart Climbing Family Suit Post

August 1979

I didn’t like this suit—I’m guessing that not too many two-year-olds like suits—and I only wore it a couple of times. I think it was one of the many hand-me-downs I got from my cousin Danny. Continue reading “A 1979 Go-Kart Climbing Family Suit Post”


Christmas 1978

12-1978 Justin (1) Christmas Tree

Midway through the glorious year of 1978 my dad got a job working at a local factory. It’s the job my dad would have for the next 19 years as I was growing up. Being the sole income earner for most of my childhood, he did a lot of financial planning. As I got older, I was kept in the loop on our finances, which helped me understand how we were able to afford gifts and vacations, but why it was also important to use the “buy one, get one free” coupon at the local pizza joint.

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A Brief History of April-November 1978

DISCLAIMER: Due to technical difficulties, this post was thrown together at the last-minute and did not receive the polishing it deserves. It contains 22 photos and some words by me. 

If the family photos are to be believed (and why wouldn’t they be?), my 1st birthday was the biggest event to transpire between my rooftop adventure and Christmas of 1978. So, here’s some (probably a lot more than necessary) photos of my life from April 1978 to November 1978.

04-02-1978 Justin (1) Birthday (1)
April 2, 1978

Happy Birthday to me! Here I am, turning one year old and enjoying what I assume was, at one point, a delicious birthday cake. Continue reading “A Brief History of April-November 1978”