I Can See Your House From Here

Justin 11 months Howard House Roof 1978

My dad has had many good ideas through the years, however, I don’t know if taking his 11 month old son on top of a house was one of them. Especially one month after his son had a run in with a coffee table. Regardless, I can’t deny that this is a great picture. After all, how many people have a picture of themselves on a roof before their first birthday? Continue reading “I Can See Your House From Here”


That Time I Learned a Hard Lesson about Coffee Tables

Justin 10 months Head Bandage

In February of 1978 the snow was knee-deep and my dad was at work with our sole source of transportation. We had just moved into a house that my parents and I still refer to as “Mitchell’s” because, you guessed it, the Mitchell’s owned it. There’s a house across the road and a couple of houses that come into sight after harvest, but that’s about it—the nearest town of any size is about 30 minutes away. Continue reading “That Time I Learned a Hard Lesson about Coffee Tables”

Let’s Meet (some of) the Family

Like most people, I was born into a family that included more than just my parents. Some of those family members where photographed while holding me when I was less than a year old. So, now, almost 40 years later, those lucky individuals get to have their pictures posted on this blog.

Justin 2 weeks Playpin^

So, here I am, two weeks and six days old, napping on a blanket my Great-Grandma Smith made for me. I’m surrounded by a collection of toys that were gifted to me. I can’t recall who made the turtle (help me out here faithful family members!). But I do know that my parents had everyone sign the bottom of it when they came to see me. My mom’s Uncle Sam Lowe made sure the “O” in Lowe was right where the turtles missing butthole would be. I think Sam and I share a sense of humor. Continue reading “Let’s Meet (some of) the Family”